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we're live in hayward where firefighters battle flames inside a garage. what they stumbled upon inside and why they couldn't use water to fight this fire at the beginning. >> breaking news from san francisco. gunfire in the tender loin. we have a news crew headed to the scene. >> reporter: a search for a service dog will begin in the
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next couple hours in san jose. you'll hear why finding him is so critical for his owner. >> plus a rash of robberies in one east bay city. the question police still have not answered. mornings on 2 begins right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. you are looking live at a home in hayward where firefighters discovered a pot grow inside a home. we will have more on this situation in just a few moments. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather, traffic. steve, how are we looking? >> we are looking good. low clouds. gave us crazy weather this week. accelerating northward. back to school forecast, take a look at san rafael. 58. 68 mostly sunny by noon.
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and a high of 77. temperatures in the north bay a lot of 70s. san francisco, really didn't change anything. yesterday 66, went 66 again today. just too much cloud cover. low cloud deck and no sign of anything as far as any warmup goes. 50s on the temps, low 60s. really haven't moved all morning long. the breeze has picked up. all the thunderstorm activity is north and east of the low. but it's moving fast. and it's moving out of the area. so lake county, maybe cloud cover but on the southern fringe of that. clouds in the north but overall mostly sunny. highs 60s, 70s by the water and 80s inland with low 90s. here's sal. >> good morning. start off in san francisco where we have breaking news that's affecting traffic in the downtown tender loin area at the corner of turk and taylor. that street is closed. and market and turk. that little triangle
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intersection there because of police activity. so you should probably give yourself a little extra time. and some of the muni buses that travel along here are going to be affected by this and on taylor street, we don't have any traffic getting through. we have a reporter on the way to the scene. i also want to mention we're looking at the peninsula. the traffic here looks good on 101 and 280 getting across eastbound. there's a crash in the noncommute direction with no major issues. the traffic is moving pretty well and until you get to about the macarthur maze, then you have the standard delay at the toll plaza. no major problems into san francisco. 15 to 20 minutes. interstate north 880 that looks good. today is an easier traffic day. today both baseball games played big games. today that's not happening. >> 7:03. a fire in hayward led to unexpected discovery.
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firefighters found a marijuana grow operation at a house on lori way. tara is live with new video and why water could not be used to put out the flames. >> reporter: good morning. we're here in the neighborhood , this is the area and right up here is the house we're talking about. firefighters had to rip through this garage door in order to get inside. you can see there's still chunks of it sort of hanging. and over here a very elaborate marijuana grow operation where they had plants, fires and grow lights set up. a neighbor showed us this video where you can see smoke coming from the garage. firefighters knocked down the door and used power tools to bust open the garage to get to the fire. all happened around 7:30 last night. crews found 200 pot plants. and firefighters discovered faulty wiring. they were forced to fight the flames with a fire
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extinguisher until pg&e showed up. >> i hear popping. i thought it was fire crackers. it was kind of loud. and then i saw some smoke coming out and i came out to my gate and looked at it and then i went on top of the roof and started taking the video. >> water is a conductor for electricity so they had to use fire extinguishers until pg&e arrived. the sheriff's office is investigating. the marijuana plants have been removed from the house and will be destroyed. investigators have not released the cause of this fire. you can see where the meter is blown out. looking like an electrical fire at this point. no word yet on how much the plants were worth or who is responsible for them. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> 7:05. san jose police want your help. trying to find a man who has been missing for a week. 44-year-old larry morris was last seen last thursday at
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valley fair mall. morris has the mental capacity of a 2 year old. he is at risk. you see his photo here. white man with very short thinning brown hair. about 5 feet tall. weighs about 160 pounds. he was last seen wearing a dark green short sleeved t-shirt and camouflage shorts. >> 7:05. in just two hours, bart's board of directors meets with a threat of a strike still a very real possibility. contract talks between bart and unions have been on hold since august 11th. that's when a judge granted governor brown's request for a 60 day cooling off period. that means the two sides are no closer to agreements on pay, healthcare and pension costs. many powerful bay area business leaders are calling on the governor to get personally involved in the contract talks. we're learning more about a poll that was mentioned several
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times. the poll published in today's chronicle shows voters in three counties would back ballot measures to boost taxes to improve the transit system. the poll has not been released publically but it was brought up often during the contract talks between bart management and union. >> time is 7:06. a desperate search is underway for a lost service dog. it's a border collie mix. you have details from the dog's owner. what is he saying? >> reporter: yes, you are about to meet him in just a minute here. we are in the neighborhood where lobo was lost. about an hour and a half, there's going to be a group of volunteers meeting here looking for lobo. here's a flyer that's been posted around this area in northeast san jose. he's a
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german shepard collie mix and helps his owner here who is an iraq war veteran. tell me why is it so critical for you to find him? >> it's everything for me to find lobo. i have post traumatic stress disorder from the military as well as physical problems. but he allows me to be able to be in public and be in crowded situations. and keeps me from being panicked. he alerts me when someone's coming behind me that could startle me. without him, life is so much more difficult without him. and i miss him. >> this must be difficult. and there was a search yesterday and what happened? how did he get loose? >> we were going to get into the car to go pick up my wife and he got away from me when we were
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getting in the car and because i just had knee surgery, i wasn't able to move quick enough. i called him and had him sit. but something spooked him and he ran off. and i couldn't catch him. and he's been gone for two days now. >> okay. thank you so much, jeff wilson. and another search will start at about 8:30, 9:00. they searched this whole area. he was sighted once in vince park but move the area to mckey and jackson on the east side of san jose. they are hoping if anybody sees this service dog please contact operation freedom paws. there's flyers all around. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 7:09. we have breaking news. this is just coming in from the middle east. the israel is
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saying three rockets fired from lebanon have landed in northern israel. we don't have any other information. we'll bring you details as we get them. three rockets fired from lebanon landed in israel. we'll bring you details as we get them. >> time is 7:09. the smallest public school in vallejo is the first to have a walking school bus. that's a program where dozens of students will walk with parent volunteers to school together. so far, 50 kids have signed up for the walking school bus. starting on monday, cover two routes of about a half mile each. looking for more parents to lead other routes so more kids can walk to school safely together. monday is the first day of school for oakland students and oakland police are offering safety tips. officers suggest parents work with neighbors or other parents to make sure kids are supervised on the trips to and from school. students should be encouraged to report
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any bullying whether they are a victim or a witness. and kids should never go anywhere with a stranger. >> all right. 7:10. a wave of robberies happening in concord. coming up in 20 minutes, we'll look at the stores that were robbed and how there may be a connection. >> president obama on the move. where he's headed this morning and the proposals he's pushing to make college more affordable. >> good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well in many areas. we have trouble spots. san mateo bridge slow now getting out to the span. more about that coming up. >> we have plenty of low clouds in place and a cooler pattern. almost good-bye to the thunderstorms. the rim fire is really taking a turn for the worst. [ female announcer ] jump-start your day
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time now 7:13. we have breaking news. a shooting violence happening in san francisco. brian flores is on the situation right now. this just happened a short while ago. what happened out there in san francisco? >> reporter: we're still learning to piece that together. turk and taylor closed off to traffic. continuing to investigate the shooting. this happened around 6:30. right in front of the king market area at turk and taylor street. he was shot in the leg. we understand his injuries are nonlife threatening. he was taken to a hospital this morning. still working to figure out what happened here. if there's any suspect description of the person who did the shooting this morning. from what we're hearing this man was shot in the leg around 6:30 this morning.
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there is a lieutenant on scene. we'll be talking to him momentarily. we'll pass that information along here. if you are headed towards this area, be warned traffic is blocked off to the area until the investigation is complete. we're live here in san francisco, brian flores, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> time is 7:14. rebel forces say the government is still attacking areas near damascus. included chemical weapons. opposition says 100 people died. many women and children. the united nations wants inspectors who are already there in syria to investigate that claim. >> this represents no matter what the confusions are, syria's escalation with grave military consequences and human consequences. >> the serian government says the claims they used chemical
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weapons are base less. this would add pressure in the united states to get more involved. >> it is 7:15. happening right now president obama is on his way to new york to begin a two day tour talking about colleges. as kyla campbell reports, making more ways to make affordable. >> wants to create a college rating system and have it in place by the 2015-2016 school year. tuition, graduation rates, debt and income of graduates and low income students. and by 2018, president obama hopes the ratings would be tied to financial aid. so students attending better rated colleges would receive larger federal grants and more affordable loans. that would require new legislation in congress. deliberated based on the number of students enrolled regardless of the graduation rate or how
7:17 am
much student debt grows. the white house says the average graduating college student owes about $19,000 in student debt. just how much the cost of a public college education has gone up over the years, i'm working on that for you at 8:15. ktvu channel 2 news. >> 7:16. on monday a former united airlines flight attendant will plead guilty to making bomb threats. admits he made phone calls claiming there was a bomb. pay a quarter million dollars in restitution. united says it lost that much money because of those threats. his attorney says he was upset with the airline because it wouldn't investigate charges he was sexually harassed on the job. if you live in the east bay, don't be alarmed if you get an emergency alert next week. on wednesday august 28th, contra
7:18 am
costa county is testing phone emergency notification system. now, the tests follow that problem with the system last month when alerts were sent out to people who did not live near a gas leak in alamo. it told them to evacuate. the test messages are being sent to neighborhoods in richmond, crocket, martinez and pittsburg. >> getting your car stolen can be a traumatizing experience. but in san francisco, recovering that stolen vehicle could be painful as well. car theft victims could pay up to $500 to get the vehicle back. once a stolen car is recovered, it has to be towed and stored in a private lot all of which has to be paid for. if your car is stolen, file a police report right away. that way some of those administrative fees could be waved.
7:19 am
police are praising a web site that helped track a stolen camera to the midwest. a resident went on the free site search the internet for other photographs taken with the same camera. camera turned up in iowa. the online vendor that sold it is now under investigation. go to our web site and click on web links. >> time now 7:19. sal is back. you are watching our compute. how's it going? >> it's going okay. we have slow traffic but don't have a lot of major crashes. haven't had any real major ones during the morning commute. let's go out and take a look at what we have with the east shore freeway and traffic here is moving along okay with no major problems. same thing with the toll plaza. you will see traffic moving along well getting out to the bay bridge toll plaza. pretty well for this time of the morning. if you look at it,
7:20 am
it's backed up. only about a 15 to 20 minute delay. we've seen it a lot worse and may get better after 8:00 or 8:30. we had all those baseball games around the area. let's talk about some drive times and some traffic speeds here. we are looking at the section between loan freeway. that's not great between 680, 24. that area is not all that bad. i want to show you these areas on the map. traffic is definitely slowed all the areas we've pointed out here at the walnut creek inter change. 24 is not that bad. and then 80 itself a little bit slow as you drive into richmond. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a lot of low clouds. all the reporting a.m. santa rosa, napa, concord, oakland, san francisco, sfo all say cloudy. it's a low cloud deck. let's give our little low
7:21 am
a credit. gave us wild weather this week. first we had hot conditions inland and thunderstorm acted. then really picked up the fog and started cooling us down. it's out of the picture. back to school forecast here. you got to get going. 59, 67. 72 for a high today under mostly sunny skies. the low is starting to track to the north. that's where you'll find most of the activity. and the low will be into oregon. but there will still be some thunderstorm activity. just gone crazy. it's only 2% contained now. almost 54,000 acres. 50s, 60s and 70s. humidity seems to be going up a little bit. thunderstorm activity should be done. i'll show you that on the radar here. 50s to the interior. 40s up in the mountains. tahoe at 47. and 50s and 60 s up and down the
7:22 am
coast. fairfield gust up to 35 miles an hour. that's a rippering sea breeze. the low taking that thunderstorm now painting it up. yesterday there was a quarter of an inch just to the east of groveland right here. i'll try and get this to loop again. almost an inch of rain. the lightning is absolutely the worst thing that can happen. but that's all gone and pushing north. should be quieter today. let's hope they get more of a westerly breeze. fall river mills and some of that activity there off shore. a little bit of lightning. so maybe wrapping back into mendocino county or southern extent. clouds in the northern east, breezy at times. 60s, 70s. 90 antioch and brentwood. hayward 72.
7:23 am
san jose at 79 . 60s, 70s on the coast. a lot of 70s on the peninsula. and that should say 62 in daly city. a little warmer on friday and pretty cool cooling trend on the weekend. >> time now about 7:23. a warning about thieves who robbed two elderly men. the disguise they used to get into their house. >> a rare whale that died this week could make a big contribution to science.
7:24 am
7:25 am
7:25 people in san mateo are being warned to keep an eye out for a mountain lion roaming the area. it was spotted yesterday near the windy hill open space reserve. wildlife officials say mountain lions try to avoid confrontation so if you see one donna approach it. the endangered fin whale
7:26 am
that died off the shores this week could give scientists new information about the species. the whale beached itself on monday and eventually died. before scientists buried it in the sand, they were able to collect tissue samples from organs. large whales typically die at sea making it difficult for scientists to study the animals. >> time now 7:25. a german tourist attacked by a shark vacationing in hawaii has died. the shark bit off the woman who had been on life support since the attack. she died yesterday. this is the 5th shark attack off the shores of maui in recent months. >> 7:26. four businesses in concord robbed in the past week. the possible connection to a pet store and beauty supply business. >> reporter: live in san francisco's tender loin where police are investigating a shooting that happened about an
7:27 am
hour ago. the latest coming up. >> and a pretty good commute so far on southbound 101. golden gate bridge. traffic looks good heading down to san francisco. >> a lot of low clouds in place. rather significant fog bank means cooler temps and almost done it seems with thunderstorm activity.
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good morning. these are live pictures from the scene of a shooting just a short time ago. happened in the tenderloin neighborhood in san francisco. we're going to have a live report in just a few minutes. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. we're going to check weather and traffic. sal is busy. but also check in with steve. knows all about our weather forecast. good morning. >> i'm not ready. >> i kind of thought you might be ready. >> i was answering twitter questions. >> you were busy. >> we're discussing when our first rain from the north is coming up. i was talking weather. seriously. wasn't shopping or anything . a low is moving north. it's taking most of the cloud cover with it. and what it's doing is it's still maybe mendocino county but it's picked up the fog. kind of a damp fog. i love it. some people love it. last look here hayward
7:31 am
unidentified school district. 59, 67 and 72. i'm out of sorts here. the low is producing cover. northeast california. looks like things are going to calm down finally for the rim fire. that much we do know. but it's now 2% contained. 54,000 acres. 50s, 60s and 07 s. the wind is east. rather see that westerly humidity to get that over 50%. 40s up in the mountains. 50s, 60s and 70s. 50s and 60s for us. there is a rather robust westerly breeze and sending that low cloud duck inland. i would think mendocino but lake county. highs today 60s, 7 #0z and 80s. here's sal. >> good morning. traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. we're going to look at san francisco and northbound 101. i think i moved it a bit too fast. we'll take a look at
7:32 am
oakland and come back to that. oakland looks good. slow traffic on 880 northbound and driving to the south bay, traffic is going to be a little bit slow as you drive on northbound 280. i'll show it to you here. the traffic right in this point, it is pretty slow. go back to san francisco and show you here traffic especially on the freeway getting to downtown is also slow. now, let's go to live pictures. bay bridge into san francisco from the east bay. that is backed up for 15 to 20 minute delay. no obstructions on the bridge. and a little section of 880 near the coliseum north and southbound. that traffic is moving along nicely. let's go back to the desk. >> we're following breaking news from san francisco. police investigating a shooting this morning in the tenderloin district. brian flores is there now. you can tell us what happened. good morning, brian. >> good morning, dave. still working to piece together exactly what happened. as you can see, san francisco police
7:33 am
blocking off the area around turk and taylor this morning. san francisco police say they are going to be here for time as they continue to investigate. what we do know so far, at least one man was shot here on turk here in san francisco. from what we understand, we may have been shot once, maybe twice. he was shot in the leg as well. san francisco police sources say at this point the man has nonlife threatening injuries. he was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. what remains unclear is whether a person was taken away, a suspect. we have seen many officers, detectives here on scene questioning several people, perhaps witnesses. but we do not know if a person or a suspect was taken away. i can say the area on turk and taylor is closed off for the shooting investigation that happened around 630 tomb :30. there is a lieutenant on scene.
7:34 am
we will pass on any information. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> 7:33. some merchants in concord are on edge this morning. two more businesses were robbed last night. how people are responding to this recent crime wave. good morning, katie. >> reporter: good morning. people are definitely on edge. this is a nice shopping area. not a crime that you would necessarily expect. and all four robberies happened within one week's time. they all happened within a similar area and the robber's description by witnesses is similar in all four cases. now the pet express store behind me was hit last night. it's located at the clayton valley shopping center and robbed around 6:00. then the ups store down the road was targeted at 6:30. you are looking at detectives scouring that location for evidence last night. and still working to confirm one type of threat the robber used. he may be the same
7:35 am
man who robbed two other stores last saturday. at this point there are no reports of injuries involved with these robberies. sally's beauty supply and the yogurt shack were hit on the 17th. this map shows how close the 4 locations are to one other. witnesses described the suspect with a bushy gray mustache. he looked homeless and had a gun. we've been here since early this morning and the police patrolled the area. i spoke with an officer who says they are concerned because they are shopping centers within his jurisdiction and want to make sure they catch this robber soon. they did tell me that robber did have a gun in the earlier cases on the 17th. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:35. oakland police are warning residents about two men who robbed a home
7:36 am
while posing as pg&e workers. happened on sunny hills road and hillwood place. the two suspects told the victims they needed to check a utility easement. they did not question the request because they recently received a notice about such inspections. >> the homeowner went with the two men to the rear yard to check the easement and while that was occurring, someone was inside the house burglarizing their home. >> the men got away with $5,000 worth of cash and jewelry. both suspects are described as hispanic. one is 35 to 40 years old wearing hard hat, gloves and dark clothes. the second suspect is 45 to 50 years old wearing fisherman's hat and light colored clothe. two weeks ago a home in vallejo was also robbed by two men posing as workers.
7:37 am
unclear if the two cases are connected. >> we have new information about that huge wildfire that's raging out of control near yosemite national park. cal fire released new numbers on the rim fire. it burned almost 54,000 acres. that's a big jump from the 16,000 acres reported yesterday. our reporter brian hickey is there live in tualome county. what's the latest? >> reporter: to say this fire exploded is not an understatement. we've heard from a veteran firefighter. he's never seen a fire like this. putting up to 53,000 acre total. you can see behind us the level of smoke that continues to hangover the canyon here. this is highway 120 leading into yosemite national park. we're 15 miles from the park entrance.
7:38 am
how thick the smoke is here. take a look at the video of the fire illustrating what crews are dealing with out here that are acting like funnels taking those flames fuelled by the wind and driving that fire up to the ridge tops. and do a direct attack on the heads of the fire. having to stand back, build containment lines. this fire is so erratic and grow. they have expanded evacuation orders. pine mountain lake was under an evacuation order. certain areas are under a mandatory evacuation order. if the fire were to jump the river, down in the bottom of the canyon, if it goes across the river and up the other side, it will be coming straight back up towards pine mountain lake where there are 3500 homes in danger. and asked those people to evacuate. another area
7:39 am
that's of concern is tulalome city. that now where the fire is as they continue to expand evacuation. a very intense situation here on the rim fire that continues to grow. send it back to you. >> brian live up there. this is incredible. mayback high school is hundreds of miles away from that big fire. however, students and staff found themselves right in the middle of the fire when it took an unexpected turn. fast moving flames roared right towards their camp where they were having annual retreat. students took these pictures when they were ordered to get out. they had just 15 minutes to pack up and get out. and forced to leave almost everything behind. >> anyone who had medications could take that. the rest of us went to the parking lots to get into cars. >> the only worry was we didn't
7:40 am
have enough cars. >> they plan to go back and get gear once they get the all clear. they'll resume school retreat this morning back on campus in berkeley. two other camps with ties to the bay area are now ghost towns as well. the handful of people left packed up and moved out yesterday. and the berkeley run camp is empty because of that big wildfire. san francisco's public utility commission really watching this close. it's possible impact on the bay area's water supply. the hatch hatchy system pipes in to 2.6 million people. most of the pipes are under ground. the big concern is ash from the wildfire that could float into the reservoir. >> 20 minutes now before 8:00. the parents of 8 $8 developmentally disabled student
7:41 am
are suing former teacher and several employees of the school in brentwood. the lawsuit against lori holder who taught all 8 students claims she physically and mentally abused them as well as neglected them. the other school district workers are being sued for not reporting suspicions of abuse. a state committee will investigate how california universities handle sexual assault cases. yesterday 9 uc berkeley students testified at the state capitol. the women told law makers that when they reported being sexually assaulted, uc berkeley officials did not investigate and did not punish the attacker. law makers agreed to audit uc berkeley and three other schools. the other schools have not yet been selected. another hearing is scheduled in san jose today for a man suspected of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. the 15-year-old girl vanished outside her home in march of
7:42 am
2012. arrested on murder charges a few months later. even though her body was never found. garcia torres still has not entered a plea. the case has been delayed several times. a car plows into a house in the oakland hills. >> i thought it was going to come to our house and i didn't want our house to be on fire too. >> the cause of the firy crash and blast. positive outlook from a man who just lost his home. political exit of san diego's battled mayor. the signs he may leave office tomorrow. >> good morning. we have a stalled truck in oakland. southbound 880. that truck right there has been stalled for a bit. and going to take him a couple hours to remove it. it's causing a big back up. we'll show you what's going on coming up. >> solid fog bank and westerly breeze. temperatures will cool down for many today.
7:43 am
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stocks are higher right now after up beat data from china and europe. some of the world's top economies. more lingering uncertainty as asset bind stimulus and bargain hunters may be moving in after 6 down days. the dow is up 65. still below 15,000 though. the nasdaq is up 37 and s&p is up 12. just checking stock right now for hewlett packard, it is down 13% in early trading today. the computer giant reported a profit of $1.4 billion after
7:46 am
yesterday's closing bell. hp lost nearly $9 billion during the same time last year. earnings were slightly less and revenue fell in all sectors. >> 7:45. jury deliberations may started o in the jury trial of nadal hasan. killing 13 people and wounding more. hasan is acting as his own lawyer. he is sending only one piece of evidence to the jury. an evaluation from his boss that called him a good soldier. the prosecution meantime has sent more than 700 pieces of evidence against hasan. hasan admitted to the shooting. he said the rampage was necessary to protect muslims abroad to american soldiers getting ready for combat in iraq and afghanistan. new this morning, bradley manning sentenced to 35 years in
7:47 am
military prison for leaking classified documents, he intends to live out the rest of his life as a woman. manning's laura peared on national tv morning and read a statement from his client. it says and i'm quoting, i am chelsea manning. i am female. given the way i feel and felt since childhood, i want to begin hormonotherapy as soon as possible. the manning's lawyer says the army private is sending president obama a letter. and asking for a pardon. during the trial, the defense team suggested his struggles with gender identity were a factor in his decision to leak those documents. we're also learning more about the surveillance activities of the national security agency. documents show the nsa illegally gathered tens of thousands of emails and other electronic communications between americans until it was ordered to stop by a judge back
7:48 am
in 2011. >> 7:47. the star of the tv series prison break has revealed he is gay. while refusing a tv invitation because of the country's new laws banning expressions of support for gay rights. the 41-year-old actor sent a letter saying quotas a gay man, i must decline. i cannot in good conscious participate in a sell bra tori occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systematically denied basic right to live and love openly. we may know as soon as tomorrow if san diego's battled mayor will step down. reached a tentative deal filed against him and the city. the specifics of the deal have not been made public but will be presented to the council tomorrow. there is speculation that filner is clearing out his office. last night he was seen leaving city
7:49 am
hall in an suv filled with boxes of files. >> i am glad we've reached some sort of a resolution for a step forward. ultimately that's behavior stuff. and removing the mayor from power is a huge part of that. >> close to 20 women have accused filner of sexually harassing them. choose a new mayor in a special election to begin on saturday. >> all right. 7:49. let's get everybody out the door. sal says there's a truck that's stalled in oakland. >> that's right. southbound 880. we have a picture of it from one of our cameras here. that truck has been there for a bit and it's really causing a big traffic jam. as a matter of fact, once you get past it, it looks okay. i want to show you how bad it is. we're looking at the road sensors now. if you look at this area here, all this is stop and go until you get to where the stalled truck is right
7:50 am
there in this area. so just give yourself -- now, if you want to use alternate route, get off the bay bridge and use 580 all the way through. that's a much better route getting around the problem. or use 238 if you have a chance to get around that issue. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. seems to be getting better into san francisco. it's still backed up for 10 to 15 minute delay. also looking this morning the commute if you are driving on to the bridge, it looks good. >> let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. lots of low clouds. decent sea breeze. low clouds have filled in for most. there's areas it doesn't fill in. by about san ramon. i can see fog on mount diablo. but it's cool. and it is cooler. the low that came in definitely put in cooler air. and by that, i mean up around 2,000, 3,000 feet. and also picked up the fog bank. it's lifted it and
7:51 am
moved it locally. had some reports of that a little bit in sonoma. producing thunderstorm activity north. it's accelerating rapidly. san francisco forecast, another day similar to yesterday which was a high of 66. that's what i went with today. a little cooler for some. that's a degree or two warmer. generally in the 60s. should be a little bit warmer. that rim fire just went crazy. now 2% contained. almost 54,000 acres. looks like no thunderstorm activity. that's the good news. 50s, 60s and low 70s. rather see a westerly breeze. visible satellite came in. you can see a lot of that smoke coming out. i just saw it on one of the visible satellite weather maps. there's a lot of smoke moving north with south southeast wind. they would rather see a westerly breeze that maybe develop later on. 90 yesterday. not today.
7:52 am
sacramento 58 to 88 down in palm springs. overall 50s and 60s for us. most locations stay cloudy. that includes concord, livermore and everybody to the west. 28. gusts over 30. that's an extra hold. that tells us the delta breeze is there. 25 plus to port chicago. those are really strong signatures on a cooler pattern. san jose gets southeast probably smelling garlic probably. nobody's tweeting me. and the low clouds deck are here and thunderstorms are all moving north. lightning strikes and off the coast. they are moving really fast to the north as the low accelerates into oregon. it will be out of the picture in the next 12-24 hours. could be clouds up towards lake county. but i checked in with our observer up there and i said you buy that 89? she says yes i do. right on the money. san rafael. 79 vallejo. i wanted to go 88
7:53 am
or 89 but 90 one more day. alameda 68. 80 santa clara valley. 60s on the coast. 68 san bruno. mountain view, 77. a little warmer on friday. weak high pressure builds in and a system out of the north pretty significant cooling trend. >> 8 minutes before 8:00. some disturbing news from contra costa county. searching for the suspect in a heinous attack. the man hunt for a suspect accused of stabbing his girlfriend and their dog. >> plus, gas, car insurance, sales taxes, everything adds up. how much do people pay to own a car compared to other states?
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:55. an 89-year-old woman hurt crashing her car and causing a firy explosion.
7:56 am
happened yesterday afternoon at this home. investigators think she stepped on the gas instead of the brake at a nearby stop sign. plowed right into the garage and hit a gas meter which then sparked a fire. >> a lot of loss. a lot of loss. a lot of memories gone. just recently bought a drum set for my daughter. that's now gone. >> a good samaritan came there, pulled the driver out of the car. five children, three adults lived in that house. no one was home at the time of that crash. >> 7:56. a new aaa survey shows more than 80% of americans believe texting or emailing while driving is quote completely unacceptable behavior. but 25% of all-americans or drivers rather admit doing it recently. the study shows americans are much less worried about drunk, drowsy or aggressive driving than four
7:57 am
years ago. motorists may be growing complaisant about safety risks. a new study says california is the second most expensive state to own a car. added up the cost of gas, car insurance, repairs and fees in each state. they found people in california spent an average of $3900 a year on their cars compared to $3200 a year nationwide. but guess which is the most expensive state? >> which one? >> the most expensive state is georgia. >> georgia. >> i would have -- wow. >> you would think new york. >> all right. time now 7:57. there's a desperate search in the south bay for an iraq war veteran's dog. why that dog is so important. >> reporter: firefighters stumble upon 200 marijuana plants inside a garage. what neighbors are saying about the
7:58 am
people who rent the house. >> good morning. traffic is getting a little busier in some areas and better than usual in others. this is highway 24. it looks good.
7:59 am
welcome back. these are live pictures of a home in
8:00 am
hayward. firefighters said they found a marijuana grow inside this house. we'll bring you much more on all of this coming up in just a few moments. good morning to you. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. let's begin with another quick look at weather and traffic. not too bad out there. >> not too bad if you like the clouds and low fog. we have a cloud bank lifted and moving in. down off the coast now moving, moving, gave us the thovrms. it's now too far north. the east and northern quadrant. northern california and the wrap around. northern sonoma county. it's really picked up the fog and temperatures coast side are mainly in the 60s. san francisco at 66 degrees. 50s, 60s on the temps. livermore 61. san jose 61. everyone is close. san rafael dipped to 55. you can see the thunderstorm
8:01 am
activity continuing to pop up. way to the north. looks a lot quieter today. there could still be some north of tahoe. but takes a lot of that thunderstorm activity with. cool, breezy. sun breaks. fog or sun this afternoon. some clouds to the north. possibility of a few showers. the breeze is cranked up big time. some locations getting gusts of 35 miles per hour. 60s, 70s, 80s and low 90s. >> good morning. right now looking at traffic at the toll plaza that's improved. it's going to take you 10 to 15 minutes. it's not a daytime baseball game for either of the teams. yesterday, it was both the as and the giants playing in the middle of the day. had to deal with daytime or afternoon baseball traffic. today that's not happening. looking at the problem we had it's the stalled truck. ch p is behind it. they've issued an si g is letter
8:02 am
for it. and southbound traffic is okay. once you pass the scene. just want to show you where it is. there it is right there. it's going to be kind of a big deal for traffic coming in on that new section of the freeway all the way down. you want to think about using alternate route. that would be 580. if you get off the bay bridge and use 580 all way through, much better for you. you'll save gas mileage but hassle or perhaps you'll save yourself getting those gray hairs. 8:02. back to the desk. >> a fire in hayward last night led to unexpected discovery. firefighters say they found a marijuana grow at a house on lori way. tara joining us live in hayward. you just talked to some of the neighbors. >> they say they had no idea this house was being used for a front. they say they've seen people come and go on occasion,
8:03 am
that they are renters and been here for two years. if we step on up inside, this is what firefighters rip this door off the garage. neighbors notice smoke coming from this garage. and they stumbled upon an elaborate marijuana grow operation. you can see where they had the plants, wires and grow lights set up. a neighbor just showed us this video where you can see smoke coming from the garage. firefighters knocked down the door and had to use power tools to bust open the garage. crews found 200 pot plants and faulty wiring used for the operation. couldn't use their hoses since water can be a conductor for electricity. >> we found it was an energized electrical fire. and we worked aggressively with fire extinguishers to control the fire until pg&e got here and secured the power to the
8:04 am
residence. >> the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating. the marijuana plants some that had grown to be five feet tall have been removed and now be destroyed. investigators have not released the official cause. you can see the meter is completely blown out. it is looking like an electrical fire at this point. did speak with somebody at the drug task force and estimate the value of this grow operation between 150 and $200,000. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> time is now 8:04. police searching for a man accused of stabbing his pregnant girlfriend and her dog. it happened tuesday night on hamlen drive. 18-year-old johnny madden stabbed his 16-year-old girlfriend in the leg and stomach, then attacked the family's dog. a 6 month old shepard. police say the girl and her unborn child and the puppy survived. but madden
8:05 am
escaped and he is still on the loose. police in san jose are questioning a suspect in a very disturbing crime. police arrested him in a home last night. investigators say the arrest came after the family returned home. they found knives had been tossed around their home. there were even knives on their daughter's bed. police say the suspected appeared to be under the influence at the time of his arrest. >> 8:05. in about 30 minutes a group of volunteers in the south bay will begin searching for a missing service dog. the dog named lobo disappeared this week. talked to the dog's owner about why this search is so important. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the owner is basically heart broken. his dog lobo basically helped him to be able to function in public. here is a picture of that dog lobo. again, in the
8:06 am
next half hour, volunteers will be meeting her in this neighborhood to search for this service dog. lobo is a german shepard/collie mix and been at his owner's side for a year and a half. he helps wilson deal with post traumatic stress disorder and knee injuries he suffered when he served in war. he was rescued from a shelter and worked with operation freedom paws to help train him to sense when he has anxiety and pain. lobo got spooked and ran away. he was spotted that day but no sightings since. it's been difficult for wilson. >> i'm lost right now and i'm scared. i really need lobo to help support me. and without him, i'm petrified right now that he's out and he's hurt. i need him back.
8:07 am
>> yesterday volunteers from operation freedom paws searched for lobo in san jose. today they are going to move their search to the area of jackson and mckey in east san jose. if you would like to help, contact operation freedom paws. and they are letting anybody know if they do see lobo to, again, please contact them. jeff wilson really wants his dog back. and he says don't try to approach the dog. if you see him or run after him, he'll get spooked. instead call for him by name. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> thanks. 8:07. u.s. berkeley is taking steps to improve safety. police plan to step up patrols in areas known for crime. the university is extending hours for shuttle bus service and security escorts
8:08 am
until 4:00 in the morning. between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., students will be able to request a door to door shuttle service. police are asking students to be more alert on campus. >> be smart about where you are. enjoy your campus, your college experience but realize there are people out there who make it their life to steal from you. >> more than 100 laptops and 300 bicycles were stolen on campus. thieves mostly target distracted students and students wearing ear phones. as students head back to school, a san jose high school is trying something new to crack down on drugs. using golden retrievers that are trained to sniff out drugs like cocaine and marijuana. the school already has drug testing policies but hopes this will be more of a deterrent. >> if we can keep one kid from
8:09 am
making that bad decision, we'll do it. that's why we decided to bring dogs on. might see him two days in a row. might not see them for a month. >> no plans for the dogs to sniff students. the focus is on lockers and parking lots. administrators say most parents are supportive of the program. we have an entire section dedicated to heading back to school. that includes school start dates and how to save on back to school shopping. >> time is 8:09. california law makers believe for some crimes, a tougher jail sentence may do more harm than good. wants to ease penalties on drug violations. the ledge ration would give district attorneys more digression in prosecuting cases involving small amounts of drugs. erik holder said he would tell federal prosecutors to scale back the charges against low level low risk drug offenders. the city of concord
8:10 am
threatening to sue an internet cafe. customers at the hills internet cafe is gambling and that's attracting drug dealers and prostitutes. the business owners say they are not doing anything illegal and customers are playing legal sweep stakes online. but the city says that was not part of the original business license application. >> the description of the business was office supplies, fax, copies, internet, wifi. there was no description of internet gaming. >> the attorney for the cafe is a former estate director of gambling control. so far he's not returned our calls. card room and restaurant that closed down last year has been dealt a new hand. city planners approved a new permit to reopen at same location near
8:11 am
the county fair grounds. the approval included a recommendation to remain open 24 hours a day including 6 card tables. the bar would be subject to state liquor laws and they'd have to close at 2:00 a.m. that permit needs the approval of city council. >> labor and religious groups are urging fast-food workers across the nation to stage a one day strike one week from today. part of an effort to raise their minimum wage. workers are not paid enough while the corporations are making big profits. many restaurant operators say higher wages could put them out of business. >> all right. time is 8:11 new tensions this morning in the middle east. rockets were fired. we'll tell you where they came from and where they landed. >> plus president obama now on the ground in new york. the focus of his two day bus tour. >> seeing some improvement in the east bay. there is one thing that is still not that
8:12 am
great and 237 in the south bay, that traffic is going to be slow. >> big fog bank out there and moved well inland. not only that but a very strong westerly breeze behind us. temperatures will cool. are we done with all the thunderstorm activity? ♪
8:13 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing live tv from southwest. now you can turn your device into your television. try it for free today, only on southwest airlines. on the air. in the air. with live tv.
8:14 am
welcome back. 8:14. we're still following break beig ing news out of the middle east. two rockets fired from lebanon landed in northern israel. you can see the rockets did some
8:15 am
damage but no word of any injuries. a third rocket was intercepted by israel's iron dome defense system. so far no one has claimed responsibility for this new attack. we have breaking news out of egypt. mobareq has been released from jail. taken to a hospital in cairo. a court ruled yesterday he should be released after two years in custody. you are looking at new video of his transfer this morning. he will be under house arrest. the former president is awaiting a retrial on accusations he was involved in the killing of protestors during the uprising two years ago. the one that forced him to step down. the european union decided they are going to restrict weapons to egypt. the council agreed to suspend
8:16 am
delivery of any equipment that might be used against its own people. some of the eu members wanted the union to cut off financial help to egypt. so far the council did not agree on that issue. >> it is 8:15. happening now, president obama is in buffalo new york. he is kicking off his two day bus tour to push proposals for holding colleges accountable and making education affordable. kyla campbell is in our news room with details on the president's plan. >> reporter: we're going to go straight to a live look in buffalo where president obama will be speaking in just a few minutes. i did just get off the phone with the white house a few moments ago. officials were talking about president obama's plan to create a college rating system that would be in place before the 2015-2016 school year. president obama will be going into that detail. right now getting cheers from the
8:17 am
crowd. his college rating system would be based on tuition, graduation rates, debt and income of graduates and how many low income students are enrolled. and president obama hopes those ratings will be tied to financial aid. so students at better rated colleges will be getting larger federal grants. that move would require new legislation in congress. some says they are already tying funding for state and community college and appears to be something republicans and demonstrates favor. can we listen in on that? >> her mom and dad are here somewhere. they are pretty proud. there they are right there. give mom and dad a big round of applause. >> first of all, our secretary of education, arnie duncan. >> we know president obama is
8:18 am
giving some shout outs to folks on his staff members. the white house told me that the cost of public colleges tripled. the average family income tripled by 15%. continued speaking this morning. more on his proposals then. and tomorrow he'll be making more stops in pennsylvania. reporting live in washington, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time is now 8:18. ups making big cuts and blaming president obama as part of the problem. ups announced, it would eliminate insurance for 15,000 people who were married to ups employees. those spouses are eligible for insurance with their own employer. ups says healthcare costs go up 7% a year. but expects to pay more than 11% because of the affordable care act. a new poll shows many
8:19 am
californians don't know they can get health insurance for free or reduce cost through obamacare. 66% of people expect implementing the law will be successful. however, only 25% of voters under the age of 65 say they've heard about the affordable care act. 48% of low income voters eligible to get free healthcare know they are eligible for it. a lot of questions or a lack of knowledge in some cases about it. >> 8:19. let's check in with sal and see what's happening on 880. still a problem? >> yeah, it is. i want to show you what's going on. this truck has been stalled on 880. been stalled since 6:30. and here we are coming up on almost two hour stall. it's not a huge problem. wasn't an injury accident . there's the truck. if you look at the maps. the back up continues to grow. it is slow all the way from here down to where the truck is. and i would not recommend doing that.
8:20 am
i would recommend using 580 where this traffic here by passing the whole thing and 580 going in that direction out to highway 13 and beyond looks pretty good. i would use that instead. let's go out and take a look at live picture. the bay bridge keeps improving. backed up for a 5 to 10 minute delay at the end of the line and no delay. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. low clouds. a west wind behind that. a mist for some. but the low which gave us thunderstorms has picked up that fog bank and really increased it in coverage. i'll show you here, it's all over the place. the low is moving rapidly to the north. some of that wrap around, it can still sneak in. when you get this big of a fog bank and cooler temps, that doesn't support it as much. 50s and 06s on the temps, they haven't moved all morning long.
8:21 am
most locations stay cloudy. when you get fairfield, 26 gusting over 30. oakland more of a west wind. even novado showing a west wind. a few locations have easterly or southeasterly. that tells you the sea breeze is in place. a lot of the low cloud deck. stephanie just emailed me. yeah i can tell you what it's like. it's gray. all the way out, it's a big push. it will be cooler. for us, we say good-bye to the lows and moves out after today. clouds few to the north and east but overall things will calm down and cooler pattern after tomorrow. might get a little bump tomorrow. very low 90s. mainly 70s to the north bay. fairfield, a little warm. won't be that warm . 60s, 70s. i did go 90 for one more day here. 79 san jose. sunnyvale as well.
8:22 am
60s on the coast. south san francisco. 70s on the peninsula. low cloud deck in place. not moving much. just a slight bump up friday and cooling trend into the weekend. >> all right. time is 8:21. update on gunfire in san francisco. it happened in the tenderloin. bring you a live report on what we know now. >> new details about pope benedict's surprise resignation. the former pope reveals the real reason he stepped down. ask me what it's like to get your best night's sleep every night.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
8:24. we are learning new details about pope benedict's surprise resignation earlier this year. cited his advanced age and declining health when he announced his decision. but now the former pope is quoted as saying god told him to resign. in what he describes as a quote mystical experience. pope benedict surprised cath ricks around the world when he became the first pope to retire in 600 years. >> american airlines says it has no back up plan if it's not allowed to merge with u.s. airways. the lead lawyer says the airline faces an uncertain future if that merger does not happen. american had planned on teaming up with part of emergence. american and u.s.
8:26 am
airways are fighting the justice department to let them join forces. at 11:00 this morning a memorial service will be held in palo alto for a woman kill last week when a truck crashed into her bicycle. she was riding in san francisco when a truck hit and killed her. she had just celebrated her 24th birthday this month. cyclists are launching a letter riding campaign urging mayor lee to redesign the area to better protect cyclists. 8:26. still ahead. a dessert shop, a pet store, beauty supply store. just some of the businesses in concord that were recently robbed. how the recent holdups may be connected. and how shoppers are reacting this morning. >> reporter: and we're live in san francisco's tenderloin where a man was shot in the leg just over a couple hours ago. the latest on the investigation. >> good morning, if you are
8:27 am
driving on some of the major roads, we have problems including a stalled truck that may make you think about using alternate route. we'll tell you which way to go. lots of gray out there. low cloud deck really decided to make a strong push. temperatures will cool down for many. how long will this last?
8:28 am
8:29 am
those are clouds. you are looking live at walnut creek this morning. a lot of low clouds. steve's been talking about it. we'll tell you more about it too. good morning. i'm dave clark. welcome to thursday morning . let's check weather and traffic. we'll go to steve first. >> thank you, much. lots of low clouds
8:30 am
and fog. they've made a rather significant push inland which is moving out of the area. some of the wrap around. for us, it's low clouds and a west wind. 50s, 60s. all pretty close. san jose and santa rosa . the low was moving rapidly. anything now shasta, northeast. maybe still some up in the sierra nevada. cool, breezy. fog or sun. clouds to the north . overall mostly sunny today. temperatures kind of settling in. a lot of 60s and 70s. i did go a couple very low 90s. a lot of 80 s for the inland areas as temperatures settle in. >> i want to locate some traffic speed on some of the roads a lot of people are driving on highway 4, for example. 13 miles an hour.
8:31 am
not great. and on 242 from 680, that's better. 41 miles an hour as you drive-thru. you see the road sensors are bearing that out. we have fender benders appearing on the map. they are out of lanes. no doubt, even when something is on the right shoulder, people look at that stuff. 24 walnut creek, that traffic looks ago. and then 80 looks good into richmond. we have been talking about that stalled truck southbound 880 on the nimmits freeway in downtown oakland. still there and going to be there for longer. 580 is a good alternate route. bay bridge toll plaza is improving. once you get on to the bridge it looks good. let's go back to the desk. >> new this morning, just hours ago there was gunfire in san francisco's tenderloin district. brian flores is there and you've
8:32 am
talked to the police, you've talked to witnesses. what are you hearing? >> well, dave. we're still trying to piece everything together. we have learned new information this morning here on turk and taylor. everything was closed off. the scene is now clear and traffic both pedestrian and car traffic moving through. but one person in the hospital this morning after being shot in the leg just over a couple hours ago. police sources say the shooting happened around 6:00 or 6:12 or 6:15 this morning. a man in his 20s or 30s was standing in front of a business when he was shot once in the leg. from what we understand, he has non-life threatening injuries. the information we're getting is they are looking for two to three suspects in a silver vehicle. we don't know any more detailed information. but again, looking at two to three suspects in a silver vehicle. the passenger they believe was the shooter this morning.
8:33 am
talking to people around here, they heard two shots. earlier, police took away a person but we're hearing that person was taken away on unrelated incident. the investigation continues which includes looking now for these two to three suspects in that silver vehicle. san francisco police asking if you have heard or seen anything this morning. you are urged to call them. live here from san francisco, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 8:33. san jose police need help to find a man who has been missing for a week. 44-year-old larry morris was last seen around 1:00 last thursday afternoon at valley fair mall. police say morris has the mental capacity of a 2 year old and is at risk. a white man with very short thinning brown hair. five feet tall about 160 pounds. last seen wearing a dark green
8:34 am
short sleeved t-shirt and camouflage shorts. a pet store in concord that was robbed last night will open in another hour. it was one of four businesses that were hit in the past week. the robberies that startled and surprised merchants and shoppers there. >> reporter: good morning. i spoke with people who shop in this area and work here. they say they are keeping an eye out for anybody who matches the robber's description. that is a white man with a bushy mustache who appears homeless. that would really stand out in this area. the pet store behind me was hit last night around 6:00. it's located at the clayton valley shopping center. then the ups store down the road was targeted at 6:30. you are looking at video of detectives scouring that area. we are working to confirm what type of
8:35 am
threat the robber used. he may be the same man who robbed two other stores just last saturday. this ia veryshocking actually. nice community. very friendly. you don't hear about these things happening here. >> reporter: this map shows how close the four robbery locations are to one another. sally's beauty supply and the yogurt shack were two other businesses hit on the 17th. witnesses described the man as white with a bushy mustache. they say he looked homeless and he had a gun. i'm told the detectives have been in since about 8:00. detectives working this case, i have left a message as we try to piece together more details and possibly a better description for you. live in concord, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks. it is 8:35. in just 30 minutes, bart's board of directors holds a meeting with a threat of a bart strike.
8:36 am
still a very real possibility. contract talks between bart and unions have been on hold since august 11th. that's when a judge granted the request for a 60 day cooling off period. the two sides are still far apart on pay, healthcare and pension costs. many powerful bay area business leaders are calling on the governor to get personally involved in the contract talks. and we're learning about a poll that was mentioned several times during the bart contract talks. the poll published in today's conical shows voters in three counties would back ballot measures that would boost taxes to improve the bart transit system. the poll has not been released but the paper reports it was brought up multiple times during the contract talks between bart management and unions. >> time is 8:36. another sign construction is almost finished on the bay bridge. ktvu will go on a tour of the pedestrian bike
8:37 am
path. the first two thirds of the walkway and bike lane will open september third when the span opens. but the rest of the path won't be finished until the summer of 2015 because the existing bridge has to be torn down first. cal trans released this computer animation. you may notice a gradual incline and clear sidelines and moving on to the deck supported by that self anchored suspension tower. should be less congestion than the bridge has right now. cars that get stalled or involved in a crash can be moved on to shoulders and no longer block the lanes. >> there will be five lanes on both decks. we are not increasing christmas ate, we will be improving traffic flow because there will be shoulders on both sides. >> the chp will shut down the bridge next wednesday night by
8:38 am
running traffic breaks. the opening of the span also means no more s curve. you can find an extensive section on the bay bridge at we've posted video of what the new commute will look like plus show you roots to get around the closure. look for it in the link under hot topics. >> it is coming up on 8:38. the smallest public school is the first to have a walking school bus. dozens of students walk with parent volunteers to school together. so far nearly 50 kids have signed up for the walking school bus. starting on monday, cover two routes of about a half mile each. and the program is looking for more parents to lead other routes so more kids can walk to school safely together. monday is the first day of school for oakland students and police are offering safety tips to keep in mind. officers suggest parents work with neighbors or other parents to
8:39 am
make sure kids are supervised on the trips to and from school. students should be encouraged to report any bullying whether they are a victim or a witness. and kids should never go anywhere with a stranger. >> time is 8:38. later this morning, city attorney will make an announcement about the accreditation of city college of san francisco. a commission in charge of community college announced city college would lose accreditation next year. yesterday state law makers approved a request to audit that commission. san francisco city attorney will hold a news conference at 11:00 this morning at city hall. hundreds of trees in san francisco's mount sutro forest will be chopped down because of a growing fire danger. u.s. san francisco owns that land and on monday, the university will remove 1200 small trees. the
8:40 am
fire department warned the university and got to clear 100 feet of space. taking down those trees will help to protect homes as well as the ucsf medical center. california's coastal redwood trees are no longer resistant to wildfires. drying out the forest making wildfires worst. usually not affected by the disease. if redwoods are in forest where other trees affected by it, they can become vulnerable to fires now. >> 20 minutes before 9:00. an australian winemaker s s withholdings must disguard more than a half million cases of white wine. treasury wine estates say the bottles stayed on the shelves too long and expired before being sold. the company will lose more than $33
8:41 am
million. owns 7 properties including popular brands such as stags leaf winery. the next phase of the wine harvest is underway. this is an early start for the harvest. grape growers say that's because of usually warm weather. earlier this month the harvest of grapes for sparkling wines started in napa valley. >> hate to say it, bad news from the fire lines near yosemite. the new numbers from cal fire. they just came out 90 minutes ago. >> reporter: we're live in hayward where firefighters made an important discovery. the challenges they face inside this garage. >> and right now we still have that stalled truck. actually been there for more than two hours causing a huge traffic jam
8:42 am
in the east bay especially in downtown oakland. tell you how to get around that straight ahead. >> speaking of pesky, going to be cool as well as many areas on the coast. will this continue into the weekend. look at 'em.
8:43 am
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encouraging news from europe and china sent stocks higher despite more bleak earnings. abercrombie and finch down 23%. and the average u.s. rate for fixed mortgages risen to highest level in two years up to 4.58%. taking a live look at the big board, the dow up 34. s&p up 9. it is 8:45. this morning the labor department announced new job less claims were up last week. 336,000 people filed for first time unemployment insurance. that's up 13,000 from the week before which is much higher than economists had expected. but the range of total layoffs remains low. and for the first time in years, yahoo web sites had more visitors than any other company in the u.s. yahoo had nearly 197 million unique visitors in july. that's 4 million more than
8:46 am
google which held the top spot in april of 2008. last year yahoo was third behind google and microsoft. marissa mayer was brought in to try and beat them. she succeeded. >> 8:45. hey, sal. i haven't asked you about 880 in a while. >> the truck made things really slow. people driving to downtown oakland off the bay bridge are not used to seeing all kinds of slow traffic. there's the stalled truck that's been there for a bit. the traffic is really very slow. the traffic is going to be busy all the way up. and i'll show it to you on the maps here. slow from near the oakland post office. down to where the truck is. use 580 eastbound westbound 580 right there is going to be slow. but eastbound 580 is
8:47 am
doing okay. we have slow traffic especially from right in here all the way down to the fremont area. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza between a 5 and 10 minute delay into san francisco. >> all right. thank you. a couple breaks in the low clouds. a lot of low clouds down. with that in place and in mind, we have a decent westerly breeze. the low responsible for it is moving so far north, it's taking cloud cover and thunderstorm activity away. it is definitely enhanced the fog bank. i'll tell you, a lot of people said to me it feels like september. i agree. the long range forecast each system is coming out of the north, getting a little deeper. not saying our first rain is on the way. does not look like august to me. that's for sure. 50s, 60s. some gusts have been 25 to 30. again, i'm going to
8:48 am
hang my hat on travis out there. if they get 25 and 30, that's a sure sign out of the west. most locations western or northwest breeze. that's about it. plenty of low clouds around. they've lifted and that's what low did. some high clouds from that low even down to monterey. when you see that low cloud surging, that is a big push. it will be with us, maybe a slight warmup tomorrow. everything is pointing to significant cool down. and another system will come out of the gulf of alaska. that's going to keep us below normal temps. morning fog, sunny, mostly sunny. again, that low is about out of the picture. we can say good-bye to it. a lot of 70s. sonoma is in there. santa rosa. 67 sausalito. 80 s upper 80s brentwood.
8:49 am
it will be close. 68 alameda. berkeley and 79 san jose. santa clara 78. 60s on the coast . maybe even a few upper 50s. 60s or 70s. i don't see much change except for a slight warmup inland. and a cool down into the weekend. >> let's bring you up to date on the other top stories. we have important new information about that big wildfire raging out of control near yosemite national park. we just found out the rim fire has now burned more than 56,000 acres. that's a big increase from yesterday when it was 16,000 acres. this fire is only 2% contained. another hearing today in san jose for the man suspected of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. sierra vanished out of her morgan hill home in march of 2012. garcia torres was arrested on murder charges a couple months later even though her body has never been found.
8:50 am
garcia torres has still not entered a plea. a house fire in hayward last night led to unexpected discovery. hundreds of marijuana plants. tara has been there since early this morning. you are joining us live inside the garage where the pot was found. >> reporter: one firefighter ripped off the door to the garage. what they found inside is a very elaborate system. you can see all of the lights up here. all of the wiring. and some of these plants actually got up to five feet high. we did speak to a drug agent earlier this morning and he says the plants are valued between 150 and $200,000. a neighbor shared with us video where you can see the smoke coming from the house off lori way. happened around 7:30 last night. firefighters knocked down the front door and used power tools to bust open the garage to get to the fire. crews stumbled upon 200 pot plants.
8:51 am
and they discovered faulty wiring. they were forced to fight the flames with the fire extinguisher rather than hoses since water can be a conductor for electricity. >> i hear popping. i thought it was fire crackers. it was kind of loud. and then i saw smoke coming out. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's office is now investigating. deputies removed the marijuana plants earlier this morning. investigators have not released the official cause of this fire. but back here live, you can see the meter is blown out. looking like an electrical fire. no word yet on who the plants belong to or if any arrests have been made. live from hayward, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> thank you. it is 9 minutes before 9:00. convicted serial killer joseph naso could face another trial despite this week's verdict. on tuesday, a jury found naso guilty of killing
8:52 am
four women in crimes dating back to the 1970s. prosecutors in california's/nevada county is waiting until after he's sentence before deciding whether to prosecute him in the death of another woman in 1992. the da's office says it would be a waste to have another trial if he is sentenced to death. take a look at this video out of louisiana. cameras were rolling just as a sinkhole swallow a group of 25 trees near the community of grand bayou. they just fall down there. hundreds of surrounding homes have been evacuate. state and federal agencies are continuing to monitor the situation. so bizarre. >> wow. all right. time is 8:52. robbers posing as pg&e
8:53 am
workers in another bay area neighborhood. why the victims are not suspicious when these men knocked on their door. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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[ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. ♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪
8:55 am
new this morning, bradley manning, the army private sentenced to 35 years for leaking classified documents says he intends to live out the remainder of his life as a woman. read a statement from his client.
8:56 am
it says quote i am chelsea manning. i am female. given the way i feel and have felt since childhood, i want to begin hormonotherapy as soon as possible. manning's attorney says the army private is sending president obama a letter explaining why he decided to leak classified documents and asking for a pardon. the defense team suggested his struggles with gender identity were a factor to leak the documents. >> oakland police warning residents about two men who rob a home while posing as pg&e workers. happened tuesday of the home of two elderly men on sunny hills road. police say the suspects told the victims he needed to go into his backyard to check utility easement. >> the homeowner went with the two men to the rear yard to
8:57 am
check the easement and while that was occurring, someone was inside their house burglarizing their home. >> those men got away with $5,000 in cash and jewelry. both suspects described as hispanic. one between 35 and 40 years old wearing a hard hat, gloves and dark clothing. the second suspects between 45 and 50 years old wearing fisherman's hat and light colored clothing. two weeks ago a home in vallejo was robbed by two men posing as pg&e workers. still not clear if those two cases are connected. >> we want to check in with sal one more time. 880 is a real problem this morning. >> kind of rough out there. people getting -- have commented how slow it is. 880 north is slow. so you are going to see slow traffic. we had earlier slow truck.
8:58 am
southbound 880 past downtown oakland. bay bridge is improving quite a bit. i do want to mention contra costa county has been slow today. if you are driving, a lot of minor fender benders. traffic here on 680 to 24 looks all right. let's go to steve. >> plenty of low clouds in place. cooler pattern. the thunderstorm activity is well up into northern california. slight bump up and extended cool down into the weekend and early next week. >> thanks, steve. and that's our report for this morning. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. ♪
8:59 am
looks like you started to make something. ♪ oh, a green! ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] cheerios. with flavors your heart will love. ♪ find your favorite cheerios flavors. available at target.
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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you've been searching the web for great videos, we have the best ones here, "right this minute." >> we found your phone. >> we found your phone. >> some young skateboarders send a message. >> do you get what's happening here? >> clever way some cool guys tracted a lost phone's owners. >> we didn't know the phone was missing. talk about throwing caution to the wind. that is -- >> the topless woman driving a motorcycle. >> how the joyride ended with some kind of bad road rash. it's a brand new

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